Fun with Miss Jolie

Beginner Ukulele Tutorial! 

It makes me SO happy when parents tell me their kids want a ukulele because of me!

I also often get teachers & parents telling me they wish they could play.


You can! Anyone can! With a little effort and practice, you can master this glorious instrument. 

Let me show you..


Here's The Itsy Bitsy Spider - a beginner Ukulele tutorial & lesson with Miss Jolie!

I made this video for parents, teachers, and early childhood educators. Once you learn, you can play for, and then teach your little one's! 



Miss Jolie

Happy New Year with Fireworks!! 

Happy New Year, Friends! 

Wishing you a great start to 2020, and an amazing year ahead! 

 Inspired by my recent trip to Aruba, here is a kids video with 3 interactive learning songs to celebrate and welcome the New Year!

The songs include:

1. "Months of the Year!" 

2. "Firework, Firework in the Sky" 


3. Happy New Year to you! 



Miss Jolie

The cutest Turkey Craft + Thanksgiving Dance Songs! 


Here's an adorable "Feed the Turkey" craft to make with your little one's! Inspired by, Busy Toddler, Georgie and I had a blast with this activity!  

The fun doesn't stop!  Here is a Thanksgiving Dance Party Playlist (on Spotify!) --> LET'S GOBBLE & GROOVE! 

Have fun teaching your child how to "flap" their wings, wiggle their knees, and dance around like a turkey! 

Wishing you the most beautiful Thanksgiving and the Happiest Holidays ahead!


Miss Jolie

The Best Dance with Baby Playlist 



One of my favorite ways to bond and cuddle with Georgie is to play music, and dance with him in my arms. 


As we float around swaying and spinning, I cherish the weight of him in my arms and soak up all of his delicousness, knowing that his "littleness" is not forever. 

My mind can be in so many different places throughout the busy day. Often, I can be with him, but trying to also get things done.

But not when we dance. 

When we dance, it's just me and him, and that very moment. 

I am so thankful he is mine. It's a special pocket of time I cherish to nuzzle him, and "feel the feels" of this all consuming love. 
  The world around us disappears for a bit. 

Ohh my goodness. This love actually hurts! 

Here is my go to playlists for our dance sessions. Sometimes it's just 1 song when he wakes, or maybe 2 songs in the kitchen before I head to work, or a song before bed. He loves when we sway, go from moving fast to slow and fast again, dip, and rock, and spin around. 

I love these songs for their positive beat and the reinforcing loving words. Each one tugs my heart and does something to me- do you know that feeling? And the lyrics... it's like they take the words right of my mouth! 

The first song is our current favorite. And the second song I wrote, performed by my brothers band, Owls & Lions. 

 The rest will be sure to tug your heart strings. Enjoy!

Here is the playlist on Spotify: Dance with your Baby Playlist

1. Come Go with me- The Del-Vikings 

2. God Bless you & protect you- Owls & Lions.

(Here is the music video....)


3. Give It Away- Renee & Jeremy

4.You Are- Lionel Richie

5. Speechless- Dan + Shay

6. I'll be There- Jackson 5

7. A Thousand Years- Christina Perry

8. My Guy- Mary Wells

9. The Way You Do the Things you Do- The Temptations 

       10. Count on Me- Bruno Mars

11. Baby, I love your Way- Peter Framton, Chris Kimsey

12. Love me Anyway- Pink, Christ Stapleton

13. Beautiful in my Eyes- Joshua Kadison

14. Fresh Eyes- Andy Grammer

15. Better when I'm dancing

16. Lover- Taylor Swift

I hope you enjoy dancing with you baby to these beautiful songs.


Miss Jolie